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Tommy Patterson and Ann Cangelosi have more than 40 years experience as Internal Revenue Service Special Agents. Their experience as special agents includes: detecting violations, conducting investigations, and participating in the prosecution of various white-collar crimes involving individuals, partnerships and corporations. To successfully complete these investigations, they conducted physical and electronic surveillance, supervised undercover operations in major cities throughout the country, located missing witnesses, conducted numerous interviews, obtained sworn statements, analyzed financial records of all types, located and identified assets, wrote detailed reports, and testified at grand juries and trials.

Patterson and Cangelosi formed The Investigative Group, Inc. in 1996 as a full service private investigation agency specializing in white collar investigations. Over the last 27 years, these investigations have included embezzlement and theft, assisting in white collar prosecution and defense cases, corporate ethics violations, internal affairs investigations, interviewing employees and witnesses, conducting employee background investigations, conducting surveillance, locating individuals and assets, analyzing records, preparing detailed reports, assisting in trial preparation and testifying at trial. In addition to white collar investigations, The Investigative Group has also conducted investigations for attorneys relating to EEOC violations, murder, sexual harassment, sexual abuse and narcotics violations.


Patterson has a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Southeastern Louisiana University.

Cangelosi has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of New Orleans.

Patterson and Cangelosi have been Certified Fraud Examiners since 1996.

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